Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mia meets the extended family.......

Getting a kiss from Titi Marta

Mia looking too cool with her pink shades.

Zoe relaxes at the playground

Zoe enjoys the cool breeze under shady tree at the playground.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cousin Eva and family come to visit......

Cousin Neveah came over to visit from Philly.
They have fun coloring on the kitchen floor.

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Evita waits patiently as Mia and Mathew finish brushing. She's quite patient.
More coloring on the floor......they had a blast.

Mia and Eva are relaxing on the Dora seat after a nice warm bath.
Fun reading time for the girls. They read a book to each other....ok, they pretended to read. It was funny watching.
They played so nice together.
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Zoe and titi Maria meeting for the first time.
Zoe enjoys titi Maria holding her for a moment.
There were a lot of first for Zoe today. She also met her uncle Xavier and girlfriend Linda.
Mia and Eva take a break on the Dora chair....aaah....comfy!
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Cousin Mathew playing pretend cooking with Mia.

Evita and Mia coloring on the books and the kitchen floor.

My beautiful sister's wedding on 7/7/07 and my brother Xavier.
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My sweet niece Eva Nevaeh.

Cousin Eva playing in Mia's bedroom. Don't ever think they didn't make a mess.

Uncle Wilo meeting Zoe for the first time. Zoe had fun pulling on his beard or whatever that thing is.
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Happy 4th of July

Not too cold for the pool!

more 4th of July fun.

Cupcakes anyone!

Grammy Nanin and Zoe spend some quality time together.

Sisters hanging out!

Mia loves to hang out with her baby sister Zoe. I'm not sure what was on at the time, but they both found it interesting.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hanging out on Mia's bed in the morning!

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Every time I lay Zoe on Mia's bed she rushes over lays down next to her and asks for her picture to taken. "Picture Mommy"
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Look at her sweet face.
Penny meets Zoe Ana for the first time.
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