Thursday, September 29, 2005


Cindy(friend from work)

Grampa Carlos

Grampy Bilo, wife Gloria, stepdaughter and her kids.
Titi Jessica

Grampa Bilo

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It was so much fun decorating this room. I sketched every inch of it. The mural was done by our good friend David. He's a very talented artist. He spent lots of hot summer days painting the room. I was going for a forest theme. I hung a butterfly mobile over the changing table. Mia loves to stare at the colorful butterflies. The beautiful quilt over the sofa was done by titi Jessica. The furniture was purchased by grammy Nanin. Thank you for making her room so special.

Who Do I Look Like In Papi's Side?

Titi Jessica
Papi Eric
With Abuelita Nanin’s help we took a few pictures from her collection. Look at the hair!
More Pictures Of Titi Melissa and Papi's family pics to Come!


Cousin Evelys
Grammy Eva
Vilma at 6 months
Nilsa at 11 months This was a hard question to answer initially. Right away I thought she looked like my mother Eva. She has a strong resemblance to my niece Nilsa when she was a baby. Personally, every day that goes by she looks like someone else. Well, tell me what you guys think. Here are some pictures to help you choose. I'm missing Eric's picture. I will update soon.


Homebound from the hospital. Mia was such a good baby coming home. She slepted the whole ride home. You can say we were lucky the ride was only 5 minutes.


Reuben & Valerie (friends)

Gloria(Maria's mom)
Grammy Nanin

Jose, DeeDee(best friend) and her husband Audie

Mia and her binky

Igard and wife Loudny
Mia was born on a Friday and we were discharged on Sunday. She developed a little jaundice on her skin, but the labs were not critical (8). I was instructed to breastfeed more frequently and also supplement with formula. By the end of the following week the jaundice color on her skin was almost completely gone. Mia took the pacifier for only two days, notice how small it is on her face. Daddy is a pro at changing her diapers. Here are some pictures of Mia with grammy Nanin and friends who came to visit in the hospital.

This is definately a moment to cherish. Mommy and daddy holding Mia for the first time. Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions. It's truly overwhelming joy.


My full name is Mia Carmen Rodriguez. (named after my great-grandmother). My birthday is on July 29, 2005. I was born in UMASS Memorial- Worcester Mass. At 1:27am. I weighed 8 pounds 1.4 ounces. 21 inches long. I came out with lots of brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes. People thought I looked like my cousin Nilsa and my grammy Eva.